Induction Hardening Chrome CF53
As Hifrolik CF53 - As Hidrolik Hard Chrome - Induction Hardening Chrome CF53

Hydraulic Aplication

As Hard Chrome SUJ-2

Induction Hardening Chrome CF53

Induction Hardening Chrome CF53

Spesifikasi dan Ukuran Induction Hardening Chrome CF53

Induction Hardening Chromium Plate CF53 Europe Westernise Series Size List

    No.Dia SizeNo.Dia Size
    1Dia 4mm18Dia 32mm
    2Dia 5mm19Dia 35mm
    3Dia 6mm20Dia 38mm
    4Dia 7mm21Dia 40mm
    5Dia 8mm22Dia 45mm
    6Dia 9.5mm23Dia 50mm
    7Dia 10mm24Dia 50.8mm
    8Dia 12mm25Dia 55mm
    9Dia 13mm26Dia 56mm
    10Dia 14mm27Dia 58mm
    11Dia 15mm28Dia 60mm
    12Dia 16mm29Dia 63.5mm
    13Dia 18mm30Dia 65mm
    14Dia 20mm31Dia 70mm
    15Dia 25mm32Dia 75mm
    16Dia 25.4mm33Dia 80mm
    17Dia 30mm

    Introduce :

    1. High stability & hardness, low deformation, good wear resistance; surface for linear bearing shaft, pillar and other high precision machinery parts.
    2. Ready to use, save your time for the final finish.

    Remark :

    • Steel Grade Material : CF53
    • Chrome Thickness (in my) : 20 µm ± 5%
    • Diameter Tolerance : 96
    • Straightness (mm/m) : 1/1000 mm
    • Micro Hardness : HRC 62º ± 2º
    • Hardness dept (mm) : 0.7 ~ 2.5