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Hydraulic cylinder honed tube

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HONED TUBE - Hard Chromium Plate Tube Internal Honed

Honed Tube - Hard Chromium Plate Tube Internal Honed Size List

Honed Tube  – Internal Honed With Out Diameter Hard Chromium (Tabung Hard Chrome).



Interior Honed with Exterior Hard Chromium Plated Cylinder Tube (Hollow Shaft)
We supply various sorts of Hydraulic Cylinder Tube, such as Interior Honed, with high quality and durable performance.

Material of Cylinder Tube: JIS STKM 13C/ DIN ST 52/ ASTM A106/ SAE 1020 and welded tube: DIN ST 52.3 are provided. ST52 and ST52.3 tubes with
good weldability and high yield strength withstand higher pressure, and have good impact resistance in low temperature.

Suitable for lathing and other further processing. Tube with ID honed and OD hard chrome plated is oxidization resistance,
and has high working efficiency because of great ability of oil storage. Energy saving, long working life. Applies to telescopic cylinder pipe,
bulldozer, forklift, construction machinery, dump truck, and vertical parking system.

Hard Chrome Plate Tube Internal Honed W/OD Size List

    Dia 25 x 32Dia 70 x 80Dia 95 x 110
    Dia 30 x 40Dia 70 x 85Dia 100 x 115
    Dia 30 x 50Dia 70 x 90Dia 100 x 120
    Dia 35 x 45Dia 80 x 90Dia 110 x 120
    Dia 40 x 50Dia 80 x 95Dia 110 x 130
    Dia 50 x 60Dia 80 x 100Dia 125 x 140
    Dia 50 x 65Dia 85 x 95Dia 125 x 145
    Dia 60 x 70Dia 90 x 100Dia 140 x 150
    Dia 63 x 73Dia 90 x 105
    Dia 65 x 75Dia 90 x 110


    • Internal Diameter Accuracy : H7, H8, H9
    • External Diameter Accuracy : f8
    • Internal Roughness : 0.8 ~ 3S
    • Hard Chromium Plate Thickness : 20 µm ± 5%


    1. The Tube is using material of JIS STKM 13C.
    2. High yield strength, better mechanical property and good weld-ability.
    3. The Internal grinding & external hard-chrome plating can meet with international standard.

    4. The ground inside surface and external Hard-chrome-plate after grinding that tolerance meet with international standard.


    The best choice for elevator cylinder, telescope cylinder, scaling ladder, agriculture machine.

    We can offer the products as bellow

    1. External Hard Chromium Plate Tube.
    2. Internal Honed with External Hard Chromium Plate Tube.

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